Friday, September 28, 2018

Can You Speed Up Success? | Jack Canfield

What's the secret for seeing huge results right now? This is a question I get all the time. But let's get one thing straight. When you look at the life of a successful person, too often you don’t really consider the effort (and the time) that it took to get there. In this video, I’ll share a few simple practices with you that will help remain grateful, reflect on what IS working and continue to take ACTION!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

GETTING RESULTS - A Minute With John Maxwell, Free Coaching Video

John is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 22 million books. His organizations have trained more than 6 million leaders worldwide.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

How to Ask for What You Want | Jack Canfield

Unfortunately, many of us are not great at asking. For any number of reasons stemming from childhood conditioning to traumatic rejections later in life, we have become afraid of the word “no.” To be successful, you have to be willing to ask for what you want!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Choosing To Be A Leader Wherever You Are

"If you see problems that threaten to derail
the organization, harm employees, or cheat customers,
you have a responsibility to try to resolve them;
no matter how messy, costly, or difficult it is.
Leaders at the front don't have the freedom to
neglect what their position allows them to see."

-- John C Maxwell

In John C. Maxwell's wonderful and insightful book, The 360 Degree Leader, Developing Your Influence From Anywhere In The Organization, the main theme of the book is that you can choose to lead and be a leader regardless of your position in the organization.

What happens within an organization, if you as a leader within it, see something that is a real problem? Maybe something unethical, illegal, down-right stupid, hurting the organization, something happening to cause issues with personnel, or any number of other things like that? Do you ignore it and think that it isn't your place? Isn't your job or position to be able to address that? Or, do you do something about it?

What if by doing something about it, you put your position at risk? Do you still do it, or wait for someone else, or find infinite ways to justify that it really isn't any of your business?

I love the last sentence in the quote above to shine some light on what to do or not do. He said, "Leaders at the front don't have the freedom to neglect what their position allows them to see." No, to neglect that authority would be to choose not to lead, wouldn't it?

Taking the risk of being a leader wherever you find yourself in an organization can only benefit you and those around you. There is no such thing as one leader in an organization. There is a multitude of leaders that make a valuable company work. This is true right down to the person who answers the phone. In fact, I think that this first contact is more important than any communication with the president of the company. Don't you agree?

Choose To Lead. Take The Risk. It Will Be Worth It.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Stop Using These Affirmations Right Now | Jack Canfield

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. If you focus on lack and negativity, then that is what will be attracted into your life. Here are a few common affirmations that you should stop using immediately and some replacements for them. Click the link above to discover how to use affirmations to re-create your self-image, replace your limiting beliefs, and achieve success!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Failure To Launch?

"Most people don't know this, 
but it's easier to go from failure to success 
than from excuses to success." 

-- John C. Maxwell 

One of John C. Maxwell's newer books is titled, Intentional Living - Choosing a Life That Matters. In the first few pages, I found some short gems that reached out and grabbed my attention. The quote above is one of those.

As I looked at it, the amazing truth of that statement made me laugh. Of course, when you try and fail, you cannot fail to learn, so it is not really a failure then, is it? It is a learning experience. Parlay that into thought and activity renewed and adjusted, and you cannot help but eventually succeed, whatever idea you have of success. However, making excuses for why you can't get going or keep going is the failure. Which reminds me of the title of a movie I like called, Failure To Launch.

John C. Maxwell is an amazing person. He has written over 60 books and sold over $25 million worth, which for a non-fiction writer is way up there is the stratosphere.  He has a way of writing that brings the subject to life, and he is considered the Leadership Expert. He has certainly taught me a lot about leadership. In addition, he travels and does seminars, interviews and much more. He's a very busy, in-demand guy, who is a prolific writer and lifelong teacher. And, I'm proud to be a John C Maxwell Team Executive Director and to teach John's great ideas.

He said, "People ask me all the time for advice about how to write a book. I tell them to start writing." 

Therein lies the success potential, or you could even call it the key to success. We have to get started. We must bust a move. "I'm gonna" is a statement of failure. "I wanna" is a dreamy statement. Nothing really happens until we make a move. We can think it to death or we can start without everything we think we need.

We don't need much to get started, but I do think that the key to success is actually getting started.

We Can Figure The Rest Out Along The Way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Become an Inverse Paranoid- Jack Canfield's Success Tip #5

* * * Jack's #1 Success Tip * * *

Become an Inverse Paranoid Hi, it's Jack Canfield here with another Success Principles tip for creating the life that you want... and this principle is... Become an Inverse Paranoid My earliest mentor, W. Clement Stone, was once described as an "inverse paranoid." Now, what does that mean? It means, that instead of believing the world was plotting to do him harm, he actually chose to believe the world was always plotting to do him good. So, instead of seeing every difficult or challenging event as negative, he saw it for what it could be -- something that was meant to enrich him, empower him or advance his causes. Imagine how much easier it would be to succeed in life if you were constantly expecting the world to support you and bring you an opportunity. Now successful people do just that -- they look for the opportunity in everything, no matter how negative or challenging it might seem. So, if you take the approach that everyone and everything that shows up in your life is there for a reason -- and that the universe is moving you toward your ultimate destiny for learning, for growth, and for achievement, you will begin to see very event -- no matter how difficult or challenging -- as an opportunity for enrichment and advancement in your life. So make a small sign or poster with the words "What's the opportunity that this is?" and then place it on your desk or above your computer, or on your bathroom mirror, so you will constantly be reminded to look for the good in every event. You might also want to start each day by repeating the phrase. "I believe the world is plotting to do me good today. I can't wait to see what it is." And then look for the opportunities and miracles to unfold...because they will!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

In Business With Very Little Risk and Huge Rewards

"In business for yourself, 
not by yourself." 

-- William James 

This is a valuable idea for most people in sales, and especially auto salespeople, and that is that they would be best served and have the best possible results if they would realize that they don't have a job working for a company, but that they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

Of course, when you do it by yourself, you have capital outlays, and all kinds of logistics and a long list of expenses just to get to the point of beginning, but as a commissioned salesperson working for any company, even when treated as a business, there is very little of that in comparison. However, there would need to be some legitimate business expenses, yet they would be small.

The advantage of being in business for ourselves is tied to the idea of freedom. We get to control our own destiny as it were. The bigger advantage to the salesperson is that the company puts up most of the capital, supplies, buildings and furnishings, phones, often even computers, and so much more. In reality, it is often a far better business to go into business as than if one were to go open their own business because of these things.

The other thing is that there are people who support us in many different ways from accounting to filing to personal assistants. Not so much in business by ourselves, but with a team already in place. How cool is that?

Need more? More can be arranged. When we start out with this attitude and design of our own sales career, convincing others to help us do even better is relatively easy from this perspective.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How to Follow Your Intuition | Jack Canfield

We have to make so many decisions throughout the day, some small and trivial, and some life changing in nature. Here are five tips on how to make your intuition speak louder, so you can more easily understand what it’s telling you – and make the choices that have the greatest positive impact on your life.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

STUCK - A Minute With John Maxwell, Free Coaching Video (ESP)

John is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 22 million books. His organizations have trained more than 6 million leaders.

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