Sunday, September 29, 2019

Minute With Maxwell: What’s Next? - John Maxwell Team

Once you accomplish a goal, you might be wondering, “What do I do now? What’s next?” If you have to ask these questions, you need to adjust your focus from merely achieving goals to realizing and striving for growth. Many people set a goal, achieve it and quit. But if you create your goals to be mile markers along a greater path fraught with challenges to keep you learning and growing, and not final destinations, you will become unstoppable!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Power of Making a Decision | Jack Canfield

Every moment of every day, we make decisions. The outcome of your day, your year, and your entire life are mostly defined by the sum of the decisions that you make and the actions that you take along the way.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Worry? What For? Who Needs It?

"I've developed a new philosophy. . . 
I only dread one day at a time."

- Charlie Brown 
(Charles Schulz)

"It is not work that kills men, it is worry. 
Work is healthy; you can hardly put more on a man than he can bear. 
But worry is rust upon the blade. 
It is not the movement that destroys the machinery, but friction."

- Henry Ward Beecher

It's no wonder. It seems like we are conditioned to worry. And, really, what good is it? By worrying about anything are you able to change them for the better so that worry is no longer necessary? Besides, worry is self-torture and planning a negative future.

It's all glass half empty stuff and you can have it. I choose HOPE! I choose ABUNDANCE. I choose JOY. I choose EXCITEMENT. I choose INNOVATION. I choose GRATITUDE. I choose SUCCESS. I choose FAITH. I choose LOVE. I choose ENJOYING TODAY ANYWAY EVERYDAY IN ALL WAYS!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Minute With Maxwell: Go Far, Not Fast - John Maxwell Team

People often opt to do things on their own because it’s seemingly faster and more efficient. But when we choose to take the solo route—sometimes, also the fastest route—we might miss out on the route that goes on for miles; the route that takes us to places we never could have imagined, but maybe somebody else can, and already has. That’s why we need people—because one is too small a number to achieve more than just speed. Slow down and work together.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Leaders Embrace Change.

Leaders embrace change as the key to growth. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is your handbook for growing and developing yourself and others. Through this study, you will learn to apply practical leadership lessons based on John Maxwell’s nearly 50 years of leadership experience. We will cover timeless laws of leadership such as:

  • Law of Solid Ground: Trust is the foundation of leadership.
  • The Law of Addition: Leaders add value by serving others.
  • The Law of the Picture: People do what people see.
  • And 18 Other Relevant Principles to Improve Your Impact and Influence!

Learn what it really means to be a leader. The true measure of leadership is in influence. Through this mastermind experience, you will learn how to improve your influence with others and lead them with confidence. You will also understand how to use your influence with others to help them accomplish their goals which in turn will help you achieve yours.

Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate.

See more here, or call Bart at 480-327-8751 to discuss this and other leadership training.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Improved Performance Is The Result Of More Knowledge, Better Training!

"I know what I have given you. . . 
I do not know what you have received." 

-- Antonio Porchia 

That is, until you tell me in your own words, or show me with your own actions!

It can always be a challenge to achieve true communication, but it is absolutely a worthy endeavor. This is especially true for salespeople. As we are planning what to say next, we are often not listening fully and can thereby miss important information that will help the prospect to make a decision that would benefit the salesperson and the customer. Better to listen more and learn more so that you will know what to say that will help guide the customer toward the sale.

It may seem strange, but this is where good training comes to the rescue. The better trained, the more you have at your disposal so that you can listen well without being concerned about what to say next. Your training will make all the difference. 

When is training over? NEVER. Luck is not being lucky and getting something for nothing. It is preparation meeting opportunity! In this light, preparation (training) is an ongoing adventure. When does a doctor stop studying medicine? NEVER. When does a lawyer stop studying the law? NEVER. When does a salesperson get enough training? NEVER.

Call Bart Nollenberger at 480-627-8751 and let's get some great training for you and your teams.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Can? Will? Which Has More Power?

Can he or she? How about will he or she? Which one has more power? Willingness is the key to movement. Certainly, we can, but the best place to focus is on whether or not we are willing.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Success Has Layers. Learn To Celebrate The Layers Of Success!

"Acknowledge Your Positive Past:

Because the brain more easily remembers 
events that were accompanied by strong emotions, 
most people underestimate and underappreciate 
the number of successes they've had
in relation to the number of failures, they've had.
One of the ways to counteract this phenomenon is
to consciously focus on and celebrate your successes."

-- Jack Canfield,
 Principle 26 of The Success Principles

I love Jack Canfield's book, The Success Principles. It contains 64 principles to success and all are short enough to read in a few minutes, come back any time, or just open the book where ever you might like and pull out a gem of wisdom. My copy has post-it notes all throughout of places I want to visit again and again.

This one is great because he says that we are trained in this pattern early with our parents and in grade school. A lot of people get upset if we don't perform properly and punish us or yell at us to help guide us to do better, but what really happens is we become more emotionally involved in the failures and that makes it seem sometimes that we have more failure than success.

Jack says, "the sad truth is that we all have many more victories than failures--it's just that we set the bar too high for what we call a success." He goes on to talk about a participant in one of his programs who told that he left Iran to Germany where he learned the language and became an auto mechanic. Then he had the opportunity to come to America, learn English and was learning how to be a welder, but he thought he was not a success. Come to find out, his idea of success was being at home in Beverly Hills and driving a luxury car! Yet, to many others, his life was an ongoing massive success.

Jack talks about creating a Victory Log, which can be a fancy leather-bound diary or a spiral notebook. It is just something that you record your successes or victories regardless of the size of them to later show how many you have. Success needs to be reinforced.

He adds to display your success on a success wall and look at it often. Make it so that your successes, however minor they may seem to get the attention they deserve, or rather, you deserve to create in each of us a stronger and more risk-taking self-esteem. It's not about bragging, it's about putting things in perspective. We may as well let our successes lead the way.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Celebrating Labor Day | History

While you take your three day weekend, remember those who struggled to get Friday and Saturday off.

Enjoy your Labor Day!