Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Success Just Ahead

"The road to success 
is not meant to be traveled alone."

My coaching involves the ability to understand you: to think about how you think and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, I will place another perspective on top of yours – stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way. As a certified John Maxwell coach, I can see what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.

I offer two levels of coaching support:

Individual Coaching – one on one private and confidential coaching

When I am working with you one-on-one, it is my highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision, and goals by working through John Maxwell's programs specific to your needs. Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.

What are you doing to invest in yourself?
What are you doing to invest in others?

Group Coaching – small setting onsite or via webinar and video technology

When I am working in a group setting – although it’s not singular in nature – having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the richness of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what any individual can create. The cohesive bond that is formed empowers each person to develop the leader within and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole. It is an experience unlike any other and follows the same premise as an academic think tank.


Bart Nollenberger

Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Vehicle For Transformation

"Everything in your life is there
as a vehicle for your transformation. 
Use it!" 

-- Ram Dass 

Some may go to a powerful motivational event and come out feeling transformed, and in some cases, it might last, but Tony Robbins says it will only last if they develop renewed strategies and daily rituals that will move their lives forward in a more effective, and pleasing way.

We all have walls, I think. We build them to protect ourselves. Some were built at a very young age, others have been built in the interim. None of the walls are really helpful for our psyche, and coming to the conclusion that something needs to change can lead us on a path toward transformation. Once transformed, it is a little like being born again, and now if we don't want to go back where we were, we need a new focus on how we live in the moment and where we are going from here.

It seems that we all want change but we may unconsciously resist it at the same time. We want better, but we get to a point where holding on to our familiar pain has become a badge of courage, a treasured blanket, our favorite hiding place, and more. We then see change as hard. We feel that breaking down those walls is too much for us. These are all illusions, of course. We only have to give ourselves permission to let go and to move into a more pleasant and fulfilling place. Others can help us do that by reminding us that we do have that power and then encouraging us to make use of it.

It may be time to let go and transform! And, what can often be a huge benefit is reaching out to someone who can help you improve your perspective and support your transformation. Call Bart Nollenberger at 480-327-8751 and let's start the dialog. Who knows? It could be a life-changing decision!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Importance of Playtime for Adults | Jack Canfield

Scientific research shows that engaging in a recreational activity purely for the pleasure of it – whether it’s making art, playing games or sports, doing yoga or going for a walk in the woods – is essential for our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Believe In Yourself!

"We have all a better guide in ourselves,
if we would attend to it,
than any other person can be."

-- Jane Austen

Believing in ourselves, and in our own wisdom to guide our own lives, even ignoring or discounting what others tell us makes all the difference in how we flow through life and in our work.

I love how Jane says it so well. Swami Vivekananda takes it a step or two further in saying, "If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished." Another author, e. e. cummings fills in some color by saying, "Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

I've seen firsthand what that calm, confidence looks and acts like, and it is rather like even forgetting oneself because the confidence level is such that there is no need to focus there; almost as if it is a given. Joseph Campbell captured that thought this way: "When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness."

And, one more empowering thought for you this day from Thomas A. Edison:

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Minute With Maxwell: It Just Takes Time - John Maxwell Team

Successful leaders don’t achieve amazing things simply because they’re amazing. Instead, these leaders have likely mastered the art of being steadfast. There’s the old saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” In leadership, great things come to those who understand the “long game,” and that everything that is worthwhile is uphill.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Letting Go Of Lingering Limitation

"There are truths 
on this side of the Pyrenees, 
which are falsehoods 
on the other." 

-- Blaise Pascal 

Truth is a universal idea, but it is only universal in that it may be one truth here, another there, another there, and so on. There is no such thing as The Truth. What truth really comes down to is a belief. If you believe it, then it is true for you, regardless if others agree with you or not.

It may seem that a majority lives in the truth that life is hard, that it is hard to succeed, and that the pie is only so big and there is only so much to go around, and so on. These are among the myriad of ways that we limit ourselves by what we choose to believe from whatever source that belief came to us.

Limiting beliefs can feel very cozy and comfortable, and they can often find agreement with others to help us strengthen our position of outside limitations as being the norm. We can also decide to change those limiting thoughts and beliefs and cross the Pyrenees to the other side at any time.

Maybe it is time to let go of some of those lingering limitations.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Minute With Maxwell: Be Contagious - John Maxwell Team

Flu season is approaching—so, don’t be that kind of contagious. But, be the kind of contagious that inspires positive transformation in others. To do that, you must start with yourself. Transform yourself by getting your values right. When you get things right on the inside, it turns up in your behaviors on the outside. And, those positive behaviors will, with time, be contagious, showing up in others’ transformed behaviors, as well.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Highest Calling Of Leadership

"The growth and development of people
is the highest calling of leadership."

-- Harvey S Firestone

What are some of the ways of helping the development and growth of people in an organization? Here are some thoughts:

Leaders are readers. Lead by example by being a reader and a life-long learner. I don't need to know everything, but I want to continue learning and expanding my own knowledge and thereby share that passion with my team and others around me. I know how much of a difference it has made in my life and I know how much of a difference it will make it others as well.

Micro-managing is an ego trip and it stifles growth. Learn how to delegate and trust and have more patience. This is a challenge for many. It is easy to do a thing myself, and certainly easier than trying to teach someone else to do it or wait until they are up to speed, but I realize I can't do it all and if I keep doing it all, the company cannot grow.

Don't tell people how to do everything. Give them basic guidelines and let them use their creativity and skills to do it better than I might do it. We have graphic designers and the less instruction I give them, the better the product they produce. I love to see people do it better than me. It helps me grow and it helps them grow.

Challenge people to solve problems. Let your team help you solve problems.

Praise and encouragement is high on the list of things that motivate me, so I use them in the same way to help uplift team members.

This is certainly not a complete list, and I'm sure you can add to it. I hope some of these ideas are beneficial to your growth and that of your team.

A healthy, growing company requires healthy, growing people.

To learn more about how to become a leader or a better leader, call Bart Nollenberger, Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team at 480-327-8751 or see more here.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Don't Just Delegate, Eliminate!

"There is surely nothing quite so useless
as doing with great efficiency
what should not be done at all."

-- Peter Drucker 

This is one of those quotes that I think of periodically to encourage myself to divest myself of things I don't really need to do. Yet, I persist with things, holding on far longer than makes any sense to a normal person.

I like how Jack Canfield in The Success Principles says it: "Don't just delegate, eliminate!"

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sales Skills Training For All


"Want to build your client base and have a constant flow of business? Learn how to sell using the Maxwell Method."

Selling is essential for any business or profession. Whether you are looking for new business or applying for a new position to advance your career, unless you know how to sell, you will not have a successful outcome. Put another way, “nothing happens until someone sells something”. The Maxwell Method of Selling introduces the fundamentals of selling and marketing – skills that are essential for every leader, manager, business owner or professional.

From understanding your value proposition and the power of branding to knowing specifically who to target for your services, this material is useful for those who are brand-new to the art and science of selling, as well as to those who are experienced in selling. The following sales skills training will equip you with the strategies and techniques to become comfortable with the sales process, conduct sales conversations with confidence, win business proposals, and increase revenue.

See more here, or call me today at 480-327-8751 and let us discuss your needs.